SPG’s Media Department

SPG’s Media Department has wide-ranging experience with electronic publishing and media development. We have successfully produced ebooks (.epub, .ibook, .mobi, and other formats as required by our clients), audiobooks, applications, and websites. We have the ability to create ebooks with both reflowable content and fixed layouts, and websites in HTML 5 files. We also work in cloud-based authoring environments such as Inkling.

At our state-of-the-art recording studio, we will help you add professional audio to your websites, audio CD programs, and audiobook projects. We can also adapt your scripts and dub your existing video titles, or develop song lyrics and original music in order to replace songs or provide complement content.

We guarantee that all of our products conform to IDPF standards and are compatible with the Publisher’s DRM scheme, so that they can be smoothly displayed and marketed in all available devices and digital stores.

On any given day in our studio you will find highly experienced session directors and producers supervising the recording sessions. We employ trained voice talents who can bring regional or neutral accents to your product, depending on your needs.

SPG's Media Department also provides quality subtitling and closed captioning services, either in the original source language or the target language of your choice, including translation, linguistic consulting and project management. SPG's team of experts will deliver high quality files, compliant with any format required, thus providing a turnkey product that best suits your needs.

Why hire SPG for your multimedia needs? Since we work with superb equipment and seasoned professionals, we give you the best product at the best value. It’s that simple.