Content Development

Conceptualization > Innovation > Customization

At SPG, all of our projects follow an analysis phase, a learning design phase, and a development phase, managed by an expert content manager. We apply our subject matter expertise to the development of content that aligns to state standards by using innovative instructional design methodologies.

Whether you need content for math, science, ELA, social studies, foreign languages, or ELD/ELL materials, we can customize any product for you.

Our Content Developers

Our author database includes numerous content experts in all subject areas. Additionally, our authors and editors have broad experience in a wide range of educational products, including ancillary pages, Teacher and Student Editions, interactive digital platforms, culturally specific stories and poems for language arts and bilingual programs, original music and song lyrics, and even intricate puzzles.

We also have seasoned alt-text and audio description experts to meet the latest accessibility compliance standards. Furthermore, our content work can address and support SEL and DEI, in either the developmental stage or as a thorough cold read review.

Our team of content developers has pedagogical experience in K-12 classrooms and they keep abreast of nation-wide and state-specific curriculum issues in order to provide you with the very best instructional materials.