SPG’s Illustrations service is dedicated to enhancing educational projects with captivating artwork. Our team of highly skilled artists and designers possesses the expertise to create unique illustrations that resonate with your target audience – whether it's for books, e-learning platforms, websites, or other educational resources; you name it!

Our creative journey begins with the development of culturally relevant specs that guide our team of illustrators in producing engaging visuals that meet the clients’ requirements and inspire learners. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process, offering specialized art direction and project management from the initial sketches to the final files (print/digital), ensuring that the ultimate illustrations align perfectly with the clients’ vision and goals.

At SPG, we take pride in delivering original high-quality artwork that truly brings educational ideas to life. Trust us to be your reliable partner in creating visually compelling illustrations that engage learners of all ages.

Storyboards and Animatics

Elevate your educational product with SPG, where we create unique and impactful multimedia products with our storyboards and animatics services, achieving an optimal educational experience.
Our Storyboarding services create a pre-production blueprint to guide and visually represent your educational content, so your illustrations effectively convey your story leaving a lasting impression.
Our Animatics services enliven the Storyboards by masterfully incorporating animations, audio, timing and creating a valuable look at the visual and auditory flow of the product.
This ensures the right pacing, transitions and overall effectiveness.