Page Layout and Design

We offer page design and art acquisition for newly developed and adapted texts on any subject matter. We work closely with you to fully understand your needs and bring your vision to life.

SPG has extensive experience in many areas of page layout and design, including

• file preparation

• template development and layout adaptation for the target language,

• art and master graphics design, and

• close follow-up of files until final print or digital-ready stage.

Whether your project involves printer-ready or tech-PDFs, web files, or interactive whiteboards, we will create an impeccable final product that exceeds your expectations and fully satisfies your needs.

Because of our long-term experience in the K-12 educational publishing market, we comprehend the intricate demands of the industry and are able to anticipate and find quick and efficient solutions to any possible issues that may arise. This keeps rework to a minimum and ensures fast turn-around and high quality, even on First pages.