FACT: 10% of students in US schools are multilingual learners, and that number is growing rapidly. Over 64% of US teachers have at least one multilingual learner in their classroom. Source: National Center for Education Statistics: 2020 Tables and Figures

Multilingual Learners bring the asset of rich cultural heritage and the potential to become bilingual, biliterate adults. The latest research shows that there is a strong connection between multilingualism and increased cognitive capacity. Multilingual learners, therefore, have enormous potential to become adults with a rich skill set in cultural exchange and critical thinking."
Why then do schools continue to struggle supporting multilingual learners? How can the untapped potential of these young learners be realized?
At SPG, we believe the challenge is three-fold. Our services are uniquely focused on addressing the curricular needs of multilingual learners, providing the most effective pedagogical solutions, and creating systems that manifest these students’ potential.

Instructional Materials: Schools do not consistently have access to high quality instructional materials that meet their local needs. Materials are often developed with native English-speaking students in mind, and then adapted later to address English learners. Multilingual learners require access to culturally relevant, high-quality materials that address their specific needs, both in their native language and in English. Teachers need materials that help them plan the necessary scaffolds and supports to provide English learners access to rigorous curriculum.

Teacher Professional Development With the current teacher shortages across the country, many schools are struggling to hire certified teachers. These shortages are even more dire in schools and districts serving large numbers of English learners. General education teachers who serve multilingual learners need not only content knowledge, but the pedagogical techniques that support English immersion in the classroom. While some states require a Sheltered or Structured English Immersion endorsement,, many states have no specific requirements that address the needs of English language learners. In states that do have these requirements, many schools struggle to appropriately staff general education classrooms with appropriately trained teachers. In the rare cases where all teachers do have the required pre-service training, they still require ongoing coaching support and professional development to effectively implement best instructional practices in their classrooms.

Program Design and Implementation Monitoring Effective programs for multilingual learners require a systems-based approach. Leaders must attend to critical programmatic and legal considerations such as schedule allocation, student assignment, instructional materials, teacher support, family engagement, assessment, intervention, and learning acceleration. They must also have a plan for monitoring success of the program and making necessary data driven adjustments.

SPG consultants will help you to analyze the strengths and areas for growth in your existing program. We will work with your school and district staff to develop a program design that integrates all of the requirements for an effective and compliant English language learner program.