For 20 years, SPG has been instrumental behind the scenes helping the educational publishers, educational technology companies and nonprofits that school districts rely upon, create the products they provide to school districts.

SPG’s expertise supports K-12 Schools across ELA-SLA, Math, Science, Social Studies and a wide array of subjects, with an emphasis on English learner, bilingual and dual language curriculum. SPG creates learning experiences across digital, print and video, supporting both student and teacher editions. All the curriculum and educational content we create is adherent to National and state standards and requirements. In fact, we help many educational publishers with correlations and standards alignment for their products.

We provide consulting, resources, and training for teachers and educators who serve multilingual learners. We also provide customized curriculum and content development, family and parent communications, and any kinds of educational materials needed to support the success of multilingual learners.

Dr. Johanna Even leads our school and district services work. Dr. Even brings over 30 years of experience in K-12 education -as a bilingual teacher, literacy coach, principal, leadership coach, and district curriculum and instruction leader. Her experience spans grades K-12 - district and charter schools - dual language, transitional bilingual and SEI immersion, and multiple states (California, Texas, Arizona, and New York). As such, she is acutely aware of the importance of understanding context when designing and implementing programs to support multilingual learners.