Spot-on Translations

SPG’s talented pool of translators develop high-quality products from the outset, reducing the need for corrections on page proofs. Being an SPG translator means you have passed rigorous and continuous testing, as well as several stages of evaluations.

Moreover, at SPG we don’t wait for the talent to find us. Instead, we actively search for the best translators and then provide them the extensive training, supervision, and feedback they need to craft the top translations on the market and understand how all of the program components relate to each other. SPG stresses the importance of language consistency and appropriate development of language levels within a program. Every one of our translators understands the educational goal of every project, leading to the development of the best and most consistent end product.

This assessment process sets SPG apart from the competition and has stood the test of time.

Our Translation Projects

We manage the translation of Student and Teacher Editions, ancillaries, glossaries, indexes, testing programs, multimedia components, audio elements, and other educational materials into various languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Russian, and Portuguese. Our highly experienced editorial team makes firm guarantees of language adequacy and age appropriateness. In training, knowledge, and writing abilities, SPG has what it takes to meet your rigorous specifications. We truly are the language experts and possess the know-how to recruit the best language talent worldwide.